Welcome to Dream Wellness Institute! Invest in Your Passion for Beauty.

Join us for a transformative journey with Dream Wellness Institute, your premier Beauty Professional Training Institute proudly presented by the CADD Centre. In the vibrant landscape of the beauty and grooming industry, Dream Wellness Institute offers you an unparalleled opportunity to shape your destiny.

The institute offers professional training courses to beginners as well as advanced level in Skin, Hair, Beauty, and Makeup. The franchise initiative is an irresistible opportunity for earning significant income and success in this lucrative industry.

 Achieve a 95% Success Rate: Our model has no royalties, guaranteeing that your efforts directly lead to your success. 

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Why Franchise with CADD Centre’s Dream Wellness Institute?

Unmatched Franchise Model
No royalty, no profit sharing – your
success is truly yours.

Return On Investment (ROI)
Anticipate returns in
15-24 months (location-dependent).

Franchise Support
Enjoy expert support, and step-by-step
guidance in setting up your institute.

Franchise Requirements

Area of 1500 - 2000 sq. ft
Commercial Area
Benefits of Associating with Dream Wellness Institute
Reduced Cost of Investment Optimised costing for setting up a training facility with state-of-the-art equipment.
Tap into the vast market potential of the beauty and grooming industry.
Benefit from a thoughtfully designed learning environment.
Team Building and
Training Quality
Receive guidance on building a skilled and efficient team.
From marketing strategies to detailed planning, we've got you covered.

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Frequently Asked - Questions
Why DWI franchise and what are the credentials?
Dream Wellness Institute (DWI), a division of CADD Centre, with 500+ global outlets in 30 countries. Leveraging CADD Centre's excellence, DWI is an ideal franchise choice. With a decade of expertise, DWI excels in crafting beauty and wellness curricula, having played a key role in establishing a beauty training academy for a renowned salon brand, showcasing our commitment to industry-relevant education and success in beauty training initiatives and franchising.
What is the total investment to set up a Dream Wellness Institute Franchise centre?
The total investment ranges from 25 to 30 Lakhs.
What is the franchise business model of DWI?
The franchise business model of DWI operates on a no-profit-sharing basis. Franchisees are required to pay 15% of their revenue, specifically towards the purchase of course materials.
What is the timeline for the ROI?
The Return on Investment (ROI) is expected between 24 to 30 months.
What franchise support do I get from the brand?
Franchisees receive extensive support, including assistance with property selection, floor plans, staff recruitment and training, curriculum planning, course materials, and marketing support from the brand.
What support is provided for grooming instructor recruitment and training?
The corporate business support team provides assistance in recruiting and training grooming instructors.
What is the franchise agreement tenure?
The franchise agreement has a tenure of 3 years.
Who will do/spend on marketing and enquiry generation?
Local marketing is the responsibility of the franchise partner, guided and supported by the brand. Additionally, partners are responsible for generating enquiries, with organic enquiries possible through the website.
What certifications/associations are there?
DWI certifications are skill-based courses, no specific certifications required, except good hands-on; CADD Centre is internationally recognized.
Does DWI provide placement assistance to its students?
DWI provides placement assurance, and a majority of our students secure employment.
Does DWI offer a degree program?
DWI does not offer a degree program. The courses provided are short-term vocational programs designed to equip participants for employment opportunities upon completion.
How frequently will our syllabus/course material upgrade?
The syllabus and course materials are updated periodically, incorporating the latest techniques and industry requirements.
Total students trained from DWI?
We train 3000 students every year in DWI.